12 May 2005

More Car Per Car

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I don’t know where to start but I know where I want to get to.so here it goes….

We’ve reached the stage where CBIT has officially said dash-off to us. We got a farewell from our juniors and from the management too!! The management farewell was more than a chai biscuit party…they had everything-right from pakoda version of gobi manchuria  to hot and hard gulabjamun, but it was yummmmmmy!

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Going to CBIT by buses was kinda fun but more of baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh for me. The

8 o’clock bus had place to sit but it always came before the right time(no time sense) and unfortunately I always reached the bus stop after the right time.  The next bus came usually after 10 to 15 to 25 mins later. Commuting by seven seaters which earlier I considered to be unsafe, became a luxury.


Then it was Ms p who came up with this goody good idea of goin by car. All of a sudden I didn’t have to keep cursing myself for not  reaching the bus  stop on time and I didn’t have to tell myself that  goin by buses cud be fun if only I went on time. Mr v –The Mr Nice Guy agreed to bring his car. Initially it had a khatara music system. What was special was that the same CASSETE was  played everyday hence the songs were also limited. Very soon I developed a liking for them but I got bored of them sooner….

Then Mr v said that he had a surprise for us which he cud not keep to himself for long. His very sweet cousin gifted him an imported mp3 player. Mr pr another member of the car gang had internet connection and a cd writer too! So he became our official Music Supplier. A song liked by a couple of us was generally hated by the others. Very soon

Mr v’s  ultra excitement came down to just excitement as he learnt that Ms p wud not allow him to play a song of his choice  (1) bcoz she wanted to listen to songs of her choice (2) she wanted everybody else to enjoy it (3)she cud tease Mr v this way (4)………simply re kyon boleto…aisaich


Mr v  was very patient. He stopped at ‘no parking’ ares coz we had to pick up friend’s jeans given for alteration or we wanted to eat pani puri or we saw someone on the road whom we knew or as I said b4- simply re kyon boleto…aisaich . Poor thing- he did all the driving-we didn’t take shifts, coz we didn’t know how to drive. But this doesn’t mean that we lacked driving skills. Ms p always sat in the front seat beside  Mr v. She used to change the gears for him not that she really knew how to….but she learnt and managed to put the car in the 3rd gear in begumpet when there was huge traffic. She also loved the steering wheel. So she did the steering thing-on the road-when a lorry was approaching us-when she was sitting beside Mr v and not in the driver’ s seat. See I told you that we too are skilled coz I’m still alive and blogging!


There is one thing common abt all of us. We are all mad.  ppl talk highly of a pot of gold.  We too had something analogous to it. A dabba of jokes-some really good ones, many poor jokes, kullu jokes etc. etc. If I think of all of those days when we went together in the car, all I can think of is laughing. No qualms could of mine cud live for long. So thank u car gang.


One more common thing bt us-we are all pandis-we eat a  lot each time we eat, and we eat many times a day. Eating is something we do very passionately. We proudly wud like to call ourselves ‘bhooke forever’. And no bhed bhav in eating-rasta ho chahe ho banjara hills ka kaoi restaurant-khane mein no sankoch and no soch.


Must mention Mr a who came for sometime. He cracked jokes but ate nothing. Ms.s joined us tooowwwards the end. She used to wait at a bustop 30 mins b4 time(no time sense-she’s just like my 8 o’clock bus) and we used to pick her up 40 mins after the right time. She got proper dose for coming early.  Again-simply re , kyon boletho….aisaoch. Mast it was. So she started coming late. So we had to wait. So she got a bigger dose. So finally she didn’t know what to do.


Coming to Mr v again I must say that we all managed to break or damage a few parts of his car. Even that thing with which one can roll up the windows broke. He didn’t even say a word. We spoilt Mr pr’s cd s as we listened to them too much. Now they play boothulu. Mr pr also never said a word. He just brought new cd s.Ms p is the one who is always in a jovial mood. Her  home was to relax. We usually took a break. We slept at her place, talked, her mom gave us food to eat every time and then we would  go off to our respective homes.


So as I conclude, I very ‘politely’ say-

Arre Indica V2 jaaye jhak mare. I challege all the Benz and Ferrari guys out there. Our car is dirty - literally, it doesn’t even have a metallic colour, no a/c, no hub caps-it has a kinda rustic look. But it is truly


                                         MORE CAR PER CAR!!



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14 Mar 2005

YES-We feel...

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I watched the Filmfare awards yesterday. Shah Rukh Khan’s performance with the actresses of the 70s till those of today was sooooo sweet….but at the end what feels very nice is the happy faces of the deserving ppl winning awards n goin back home. entertainment can exist only if it is innovative. but award winning functions like these stand much higher coz their concepts are very heart touching too…the words said as well as the way in which the awards are given is so beautiful, especially for those who were at one time young-for those who have become kinda or totally old-for those who get a feeling tht they r forgotten……all of these things make them smile….they make us—the viewers smile too!!

Similarly when somebody whom we liked in Indian Idol lost, we felt sad…we wanted him/her to be able to come back somehow…we feel happy when we see that they are getting other good opportunities in life.

It is so beautiful that someone else’s happiness can distribute smiles…that someones misery can touch our heart….that one can have genuine feelings for one another, whether they are good friends or if they don’t know each other well or they don’t know each other at all! Probably this is what keeps the world still goin….

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21 Nov 2004

happy birthday to me

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5:00 a.m. in the morning

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20 Nov 2004

Dont forget.....

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